Reverse Osmosis 4″

Explore Ecosoft’s selection of commercial 4″ reverse osmosis systems, designed to deliver high-quality purified water for commercial establishments.
Our diverse range of unique products caters to both industrial and domestic solutions. All 4″ commercial RO units are supplied without membranes, allowing water professionals to achieve almost any desired performance by combining standard systems with membrane elements.

МО24000 4″ RO system

IoT МО12000 advanced 4″ RO system

МО12000 4″ RO system

IoT МО6500 advanced 4″ RO system

МО6500 4″ RO system

INOX IoT МО36000 4″ RO system

INOX IoT МО24000 4″ RO system

INOX IoT МО12000 4″ RO system

INOX IoT МО6500 4″ RO system


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