Meteoric Water

An important percentage of pollution of the receiving bodyes, comes from biological discharges (civil residential), but also from the contribution of chemical pollution conveyed by surface runoff in urbanized areas

The rains, in fact, at first encounter dusts and gases from industrial and vehicular entries storing pollutants; then come into contact with urban surfaces (parking lots, industrial yards, fuel service stations) from which removes a part of the accumulated material such as: derivatives of fuel combustion, tire wear, corrosion and mechanical parts of the bodywork; that characterize the water as highly polluting.

Comparable to the pollution as described above are those discharges by: underground garages, mechanical workshops, bodywork, car washes, etc.

Beyond that, climate change (water bombs) and the concreting of territory (which makes impermeable soil) always causes more frequently flooding situations.

STARPLAST responds with its program:

  • Wide range of system solutions for the removal of solid light liquids and polluting (oil separators)
  • Storage systems and controlled return of rainwater on schedule for a proper flow of natural receptors (lamination).


Experts in water treatment

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