Ozonification system

The triogen® PPO3 range is the newest generation of positive pressure Ozone from BIO-UV Group. The generators incorporate the triogen® PPO3 Ozone production modules, state-of-the-art communications and connectivity, together with advanced safety and operational features. The Ozone generators are available in two different control configurations, alongside a range of sized and specified ancillaries as well as a […]

Ultraviolet systems

Advantages of BIO-UV IAM for UV treatment of industrial process water UV control sensor meeting ÖNORM standard ensuring continuous proper operation of the UV reactor LCD display of UV intensity, remote management by 4-20 mA output Customization of the reactors according to the constraints of installation, operation and maintenance (flange diameter, inlet/outlet positioning, vertical/horizontal reactor…) […]

Chlorination system

Representing SEKO’s foundation range of solenoid dosing pumps, the Invikta series combines reliability, precision and flexibility for an essential solution to applications as diverse as cooling tower water treatment, reverse osmosis and swimming pool chemical dosing systems. Comprising high-grade components such as ceramic ball valves, PTFE diaphragm and PVDF-T pump head (PVDF optional), Invikta offers […]